Recommended Reading


Addictive Thinking by Twerski

-Excellent synopsis of distortions in thinking commonly seen in those living with addiction

The Courage to Feel by Seubert

-The closest thing to a step by step manual of how to identify and process your feelings

Addiction is Addiction by Hajela, Newton & Abbott

-An important book that incorporates the ASAM 2011 definition of addiction and clarifies many misconceptions regarding addiction

Addiction is Addiction Workbook by Hajela, Newton & Abbott

-The workbook to accompany the original book

Love, The Drug by Hajela, Newton & Abbott

-A book on addiction involving relationships, written with patient anecdotes that really bring the concepts to life


Ending Addiction Series by Dr. Howard Wetsman

-A playlist of videos by Dr. Wetsman that serve as part of an introduction to understanding addiction


Primer on Addiction by the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC)

-An online resource including an e-textbook, simulated patient cases, and podcasts tailored to medical educators and trainees, released in 2017 although through the course of my own medical training (July 2016 - June 2021) it was never referenced once (direct download of the e-textbook available here)

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